Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mexican Buses

We spend a lot of time in Mexican buses, an unexpectedly wonderful experience. If you look closely you can see the head of Jesus with a crown of thorns on the window of this bus. All of the buses have religious icons either the virgin of Guadelupe or an image of Jesus. I think they need all the blessings and protection they can get. Driving is pretty crazy here and the buses are not at their best. One bus, the bus we avoid at all costs, has a terrible list to one side which is terrifying when you are rounding corners with a cliff on one side. I am quite shy when it comes to taking photos with people in them, so this is my first attempt at bus pictures. They are quite colourful. One bus has a red velvet interior and ceiling with gold balls ever few inches. Todd says he feels like he is in a fancy coffin.

Here is one of the three madonnas at the San Miguelbus station. Quite lovely. I am really impressed with the bus drivers. Not only do they drive really broken down buses, and deal with agressive drivers, they are extremely generous always waiting for the people running to catch the bus, and stopping pretty much anywhere you ask them to. One of my favourite jobs in Mexico is the bus helper. The bus helper sits on a little stool next to the driver and collects the money, keeps track of where everyone is going, maintains eye contact with the passengers, signals driver when someone wants to get off, and jumps on and off the bus to announce the bus´s destination to the crowds at the bus stops, oh and they help you get your packages on and off the bus. A truly great service. My favourite bus helper is boy maybe 13 or so. He is terribly conscientious and never misses a cue to stop the bus, except when a certain beautiful teenage girl from the next village down from us gets on, then he can't keep his eyes off of her and you better walk tothe front of the bus before your stop comes up.

The other thing I love about Mexican buses is the variety of things being sold on the bus, from creams that will cure everthing, to crystal bracelets blessed by a saint, to songs and guitar playing. I notice that Mexicans take these bus performers and salesmen very seriously. They look closely over their wares and always pay for a good song. There seems to be a deep respect for professions here whether they are pursued on a bus, in a field, or in an office.

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