Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Old Chapel

This is a really old little church in old San Miguel, one of the oldest around we are told and it is lovely. The decor is very nature=based, flowers, animals, geometric patterns.
I would love to go to Sunday mass in a church like this. On the first Sunday we were here I went to mass in San Miguel in a grand cathedral. There were statues of martyrs and saints glaring down at you with blood spilling from their heads and hands.

There was a spectacularly old tree just next to this church. I should have photographed it but didn´t. In a hollow nearly at the ground there was a magnificent bee hive just dripping with honey. Such easy access it is a miracle that is was not preyed upon by animals, humans included. Perhaps it was watched over by spirits.

Old San Miguel has nothing of the grandeur of downtwon San Migel de Allende. It is more like the little village we are living in. Here is my favourite version so far of the mexican fence. A living cactus fence with bed springs holding it all together.

We loved this little scupture at a cross road in old San Miguel.

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